Companies in Hong Kong, China

Looking for Companies in Hong Kong? Here you will find 780 companies in Hong Kong, China. For more results, browse business categories or keywords.
Looking for Companies in Hong Kong? Here you will find 780 companies in Hong Kong, China. For more results, browse business categories or keywords.
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Jiangyin City Electrical Alloy Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Province. Zhouzhuang Wuxi City West 113, 214423, Hong Kong
Jiangyin City Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd. is a product development, production, operating as one of the private scientific and technological enterprises, currently covers an area of 52,000 square meter...

Longchuan Tube Company

Jiangsu Province. Yanjiang Development Zone, Yangzhou City Jiangdu Hing Road, 225211, Hong Kong
Longchuan Yangzhou Yangzhou Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. located in Jiangsu Yangtze River Development Zone, Ningqi Railway, Hong Kong Jiangdu, Yangzhou Hong Kong, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, high-speed Ningt...

Sheyang County boiler ancillary equipment factory

Jiangsu Province. Yancheng Sheyang Ocean County Ocean Road, 224333, Hong Kong
Our factory is located in the Yellow Sea, state-level protection of the region red-crowned crane - new foreign port, which is specializing in the production of professional pump manufacturers, produci...

Zi Chai Ship Machinery

Jiangsu Province. Nantong City Road, 89, 226005, Hong Kong
Sea lions in the water of ships machinery company in Nantong, China Fisheries (Group) Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary, the company is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, the total assets...

Jia made car sales Services Ltd

Jiangsu Province. Nantong City Road, 55, 226000, Hong Kong
Nantong Ning Auto Sales Co., Ltd. Department of FAW-Volkswagen, Kia Yueda big Di SUV, Zhejiang Geely, FAW Red Flag, Jiabao, Guangzhou Honda and other agents well-known brands. Imported cars branch loc...

Air Compressor Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Shunchang

Mainland China, Macao and Taiwan regions, 518000, Hong Kong

Bao Shanghai Compressor Co. Ltd. North Office lotte

Mainland China, Macao, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong

Bao-Wen Plastic Hardware Co. Ltd.


Beijing Kaida-yu-tai Technology Development Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, customers all over the country, 200030, Hong Kong

British Sea Lin Shenzhen Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd. (Textile Division)

Macao and Taiwan regions: Europe; the Middle East: United States: South-East Asia, 518028, Hong Kong
British Sea Lin Shenzhen Import and Export Co., Ltd., located in Luohu District, Shenzhen, mainly engaged in import and export business, the main products are: hair towel. Washcloth. Beach towel. Clot...

CHU Hon-cheung (Mainland)

China, Macao and Taiwan, Hong Kong
The company is located in Zhongshan city, casual wear base - Sha Town, professional production of needles, woven garments, with the Ministry of Trade, costume design department, workshops, after-sales...

Chun-Wei Technology (Shenzhen) Limited (Business Unit)

China, 518000, Hong Kong

Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Gold HC

518057, Hong Kong
金慧聪科技-首家通过CCC认证防盗报警器厂家诚征代理,包括家庭报警器、电话报警器、GSM汽车防盗报警器、电话看家报警器. 红外线探测器等。

Department of Arts and Label Printing Company Limited

港資企業 港人管理 嚴謹品質控制 符合廣大出口客戶要求 服務至上 以客為先

Dongguan City Changan-wing of the plastic products factory

Beijing, Shanghai, the Pearl River Delta, 523863, Hong Kong
中荣塑胶制品厂目前生产的产品包括普通丝印 、立体丝印、发泡丝印、植绒标、高周波凹凸压章、反光章、吊牌、皮牌、PVC微量射出胶章、压布章、环...

Edie Shenzhen Digital Technology Co. Ltd. Sales Department

Mainland North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Macao and Taiwan regions, 518019, Hong Kong

Emonet Guangzhou Trading Co. Ltd.

303 Huangpu Road, and business center Suanbo, 1508, Hong Kong
Emonet Guangzhou Trading Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprises with import and export rights, is located in Guangzhou City of Guangdong, long-term operation of the African countries (Chad, Sudan),...

Fuzhou Sunway Plastic Chemical Co. Ltd.

Fujian Province, southern China, Macao and Taiwan, 350007, Hong Kong
I Sansheng Secretary of Hong Kong Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary, founded in 1995, is a research and development, manufacturing, trade as one integrated business entity. I Division specializes ...

Group of the United States Tuthill (Tuthill) Shanghai Representative Office

No. 18 Xizang Zhong Road, Lu Plaza, 1507200001, Hong Kong
Tuthill Corporation, established in 1892, has been manufacturing pumps, meters, vacuum systems, and blowers for use in a variety of foundational markets including agriculture, construction, chemical, ...

Guangdong-day s paper products Co. Ltd. Information

Shenzhen, the Middle East, 518102, Hong Kong

Hangzhou Co. Ltd Kai-yu

Europe, Hong Kong
About Hangzhou Kai-yu, limited liability company located in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang, a variety of high-grade main knitwear, clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, belts and so on. Companies adhering to th...

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Maria Textile Machinery Factory

Macao and the mainland areas, 311241, Hong Kong
Chaoqun licensing company warper section main products CQ003-1 type, CQ003-2 type, CQ004-1 type, CQ004-2, CQ004-3 type. Can be applied to fine woolen fabric, fiber filament fabric flower Overtwisted c...

Hop Shing Leather Industry (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen, Taiwan, 518111, Hong Kong
便民导航,为您提供最新商业信息,图片介绍,为您选择 提供便利帮助

Jinhua Hyde China Machinery Co. Ltd. (Business Department)

Golden Triangle Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City, Golden Avenue, No. 1648, 321037, Hong Kong
Hyde China Machinery Co., Ltd. Jinhua, Wenzhou City, formerly known as Hai China Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to expand production, improve their management grades, and in 2007 moved to Ji...

Jing Jiang Wanfu to Leather Industry Co. Ltd. (Business Department)

Jingjiang, Shanghai, 214500, Hong Kong
Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of bags, there are bag, ice bag, tool bag, cosmetic bags, glasses case, etc., the products are exported to European markets. Welcome to work with you....

Jinxin five plastic sea salt Printing Industry Co. Ltd.

Wang Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Industrial Park, Hong Kong
Jinxin five plastic sea salt Printing Industry Co., Ltd. is founded in 1994, limited liability company, business has been the introduction of printing presses in Japan and Germany Hamada Po Hyde press...

Li Jin-reflective products (Hong Kong) Limited

Mainland China, Taiwan Province of, Hong Kong
Since its establishment the company introduced with the aim of quality and service, based in Hong Kong's main production and operation of the United States, South Korea, major brands of reflective mat...

Nantong Huayuan Machinery Co. Ltd.

Road, Nantong City, 57, 226005, Hong Kong

Pinghu Longgang District a new star of Fashion Garment Factory

China, 518111, Hong Kong
便民导航,为您提供最新商业信息,图片介绍,为您选择 提供便利帮助

Qinhuangdao Fortis Electronics Co. Ltd. Marketing Department

66 North Road West, 66000, Hong Kong
Fortis Group was founded in 1996 and Sino-US joint venture high-tech enterprises. Mainly engaged in automatic fire alarm systems, fire control system linkage and intelligent residential home, safety p...
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